10 Everyday Hygiene Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Health

10 Everyday Hygiene Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Health

There are certain habits that we all have that could be harming our health every day and you wouldn’t even know about it.

That’s a scary thought, right? The problem is that bacteria is often the cause of ill health, and since the stuff is invisible, there’s no often no way of telling if you’re doing the wrong thing when it comes to hygiene.

It’s a good thing experts are on hand to advise us on this stuff. You would be shocked at some of the common things you should really think twice before you do!

Here are just a few:

1. Soaking dishes in a sink

If you’re the type of person who leaves the dishes in the sink ‘to soak’ – aka, you can’t be bothered washing those pots and pans right now, so you’re gonna leave them until you can’t ignore them anymore – stop! Don’t!

See it turns out that your kitchen sink is the perfect environment for bacteria to breed. So you can end up finding salmonella, colon bacillus or staphylococcus in those dishes you think you’re soaking baked on food off of.

If you don’t want an upset stomach, do the dishes right away, wash out the sink after washing the dishes and after items you’ve used to prepare raw food have been in there.

2. Washing your hands under hot water

It turns out that some research suggests that water temperature doesn’t actually help to kill germs. What actually matters far more is the amount of time you spend washing your hands, and the recommended time is about 30 seconds – the time it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice through.

Some experts think the only thing washing your hands under hot water achieves is irritating the skin on your hands.

3. Hitting the gym with makeup on

Sometimes, we don’t have time to remove makeup before working out. Some ladies will actually put makeup on to hit the gym, because they feel better that way.

But wearing makeup during a sweaty workout clogs the pores and prevents skin from breathing properly. This can cause skin problems like acne, so it’s best to remove your makeup before working out.

4. Using a hand dryer

Those hand dryers that you find in public bathrooms are actually freakin’ germ traps, and when we use them we just blast those germs all over our hands, and even breathe them in.

Paper towels that you wipe your hands on and then simply throw away are far more hygienic, so always go for that option if it’s available.

5. Using a bag to carry food more than once

Woman holding a plastic bag

Don’t use the same grocery bag every time you go shopping! Raw meat in a bag, even if it is packaged, will spread bacteria onto anything else in the same bag.

So either use a disposable bag just once, or a tote bag that you wash after every use, and wash foods you eat raw, like fruits and vegetables.

6. Cutting meat and vegetables on the same board

Microbiologists say that a cutting board can contain up to 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat!

How do you make sure you don’t get sick off all of that? Well, make sure you give your cutting board a good scrub after use, favor glass boards over wooden ones and use different boards for raw meat and veg.

7. Washing winter clothes

During the winter, we’re constantly wearing warm accessories like hats, scarves and gloves. But how often do we wash those items of clothing? Pretty much never!

Hygiene experts recommend washing items like hats and scarves once every week or two, so toss all of those things in the washing machine right now!

8. Defrosting food at room temperature

We’re all in the habit of trying to thaw food as quickly as possible, and leaving it on the counter in a warm kitchen to make sure your chicken breast is ready to cook is something we have all done.

But defrosting food in this way means bacteria multiply far more quickly, so experts recommend leaving the food in your refrigerator overnight is the best way to slowly, thoroughly defrost food.

9. Using your office coffee machine

I hate to break it to you, but you’re gonna have to clean that office coffee machine more often! There can be more germs on a poorly cleaned coffee machine than on the bathroom doorknob at home!

The reservoir that catches coffee drips can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so clean that out with hot soapy water… or just make yourself a coffee in a cup!

10. Keeping your phone in your purse

How often do you clean out your purse properly? Exactly.

Storing your phone in that environment can make it dirty and covered in bacteria. So what’s the solution? Well, you could keep your phone in your pocket, since you wash your jeans WAY more often than your purse, right? Also, put that phone in a case and wipe it with an anti-bacterial cloth often.


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