10 Clear Signs That Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

10 Clear Signs That Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

Call me a cynic if you will but all relationships end one way or another.

Relationships end in either death or separation. It’s a sad fact of life, but what’s even sadder is that some relationships end after someone (or sometimes both) cheat.

It’s a terrible way to end a relationship and it causes a lot of hurt.

Here’s a pretty simple rule to follow when you’re in a relationship: Don’t cheat on your significant other.

However, if you feel compelled to cheat try not to get caught!

Getting caught cheating is simultaneously the cruelest and dumbest thing you can do to your partner.

For many people publicly shaming someone for doing it seems to be a common strategy for people who’ve been hurt by cheating.

While I admit that revenge is not always the best policy or the brightest idea, it can feel rather good, especially if your broken-hearted!

I have seen a fair share of relationships and marriage break because of infidelity.

It’s heart-wrenching to witness your friends having to live through their worst nightmare when they discover their partner has been selfish and unfaithful.

It’s something I would never wish it on anyone!

Because of the amount of heartbreak I’ve witnessed over the years, I’ve been able to collect advice and tips on how to catch a cheater before it is too late.

After all, prevention is better than the cure sometimes!

So, if you’re worried about your partner cheating then there are a number of things you can look out for.

Here are 10 of the most common signs that your spouse is cheating!

1. Frequent change of passwords

If you notice your spouse changing their email, cell phone, computer or social media passwords more than usual, then there’s a good chance that they’re trying to hide something.

If your partner has a password on their phone, computer, or tablet without a good reason, then it could be a worrying sign that they’re cheating.

If you regularly look through his folders and monitor all their calls, then there is probably nothing strange about them setting a password. They could just need some private space.

But, if your relationship was full of trust and they set passwords on all of their devices, then they probably have something to hide.

2. Social media profiles

If a spouse is being unfaithful or is planning on being unfaithful, then they will most likely make their social media profiles look very “single.”

This means they frequently update their profile picture to a picture of just them, or with their friends. They’ll frequently try to hide any photos of you as a couple.

This is a major red flag. You should also take notice if there’s an obvious increase in the amount of time your spouse spends on social networks each day.


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